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Borrowing With Us:

Sandstone Properties, Inc. is a private money lender that has been in the real estate investment business since 1994. Here at Sandstone we understand your needs and can provide you with the cash you need, when you need it. We lend to a wide variety of applicants in the pursuit of properties ranging from Single Family Residencies to Multi-Family and even Shopping Centers. The qualification process can be completed very quickly and you can receive your money within weeks of submitting your application. We offer very competitive interest rates depending on your situation. Contact us today for more information on the borrowing process.


Submission Guidelines:

Applying for a loan can be done in one easy step!
Fill out a loan application and fax it to our office at (310) 395-6513. The rest is up to us.
We’ll get the information we need about you and notify you as soon as we possibly can!

To expedite the process we may need

–  Your credit report
–  Your financial and bank statements from the last 3 months
–  Your W-2s for the last 2 years
–  A copy of your valid drivers license


Funded Transactions:

These are examples of properties that received private funding.


Borrower Materials:

Loan Application PDF